Volunteer Corner

How to get involved

Take time to familiarize yourself with the different facets of Children’s Ministry. Look over the information provided on this website. Look over the Children’s Ministry flyer.

Talk to ministry leadership. (See the list of leaders below) Let them know you are exploring ministry options. Try to set up a time to visit the ministry.

Visit a class. Taking time to observe what is happening in the ministry in which you are interested will help you understand what kind of contribution you can make and will help you overcome the “fear of the unknown”.

When you are ready to pursue active involvement print out the application, background check form, and reference form and turn them in to the ministry leader or the Children’s Ministry Assistant. After these forms are received and processed you will be contacted for a personal interview.

Attend an orientation session. If a ministry match is made you will be asked to attend an orientation session to help equip you for effective ministry to the children. You will also be asked to watch a Child SAFE Training which will help you minister in a safe and wise way.

Ministry Contacts 

LOGOS Kids Club
Director: Ron Elwardt 
Grades 1-2 Girls: Debbie Burkett
Grades 1-2 Boys: Ron Elwardt
Grades 3-4 Girls: Megan Holm
Grades 3-4 Boys:  – Matt Higby
Grades 5-6 Girls: Lisa Laube
Grades 5-6 Boys: Mark Phillips
Sunday Morning Discipleship
0-5 year olds: Taylor Savale
Nursery Director: Carmen Benford
Grades 1-6: Ron Elwardt – relwardt@camelbackbible.com
Vacation Bible Camp
0-5 year olds: Taylor Savale
Grades 1-6: Ron Elwardt – relwardt@camelbackbible.com
1. Involvement means worship – we serve an awesome God. One way of expressing
our love for Him is by being involved in proclaiming His worthiness to others. I Peter 2:9
2. Involvement means obedience – Jesus left us with a challenge to go out and make
disciples of all the nations. Children are the most open segment of our society to
hearing about God. Matt 28:19, 20
3. Involvement means a strong body – Scripture teaches that God gifts each of us in
specific ways. Each of us has a unique way to build up the body of Christ. The body
suffers unless we faithfully utilize our gifts “for the common good.” I Cor 12.
4. Involvement means a growing body – often one of the greatest blessings of ministry
is the privilege of being used by God to draw young ones and their families to Christ.
By this the body of Christ expands.
5. Involvement means the pleasure of God – our children are surrounded with stumbling
blocks all around. They are faced with many things which draw them away from
knowing God. Surely God is pleased when we permit, yes even encourage, children to
come to Him. Our Father does not want any of the little ones to perish. Our ministry to
them truly is expected and commended by the Father. Matt 18:1-14
6. Involvement means personal growth. Involvement in ministry creates an
environment for growth. As we study to prepare lessons we are challenged. As we
work with children we come to see children as God sees them, and our vision grows.
Ministry involves increasing faith to meet the challenges and deal with the
discouragements. Our faith grows, too, as we see the faith of others grow.
Finally, consider the high value men like Martin Luther placed on teachers of children:
“If I were to give up preaching and my other duties, there is no office I would rather have
than that of school teacher, for I know that next to the ministry it is most useful, greatest
and best. I am not sure which of the two is to be preferred. It is hard to make old dogs
docile. Yet that is what the ministry works at, and must work at in great part in vain.
Young trees, though some may break in the process, are more easily bent and trained.
Therefore, let it be considered one of the highest virtues on earth to train the children of
others, which duty but very few parents attend to themselves.”