Teacher eNrichment Time (TNT) 2015

Our Teacherteacher training 2 eNrichment Time (TNT) took place on Saturday, September 12th. We gathered together in order to be reminded of the importance of our ministry as well as to increase in our skill in ministering God’s Word to our children. We began with a general session (Part I, Part II, note sheet), presented by Pastor Ron, focusing on the ministry of the Apostle Paul from 1 Thessalonians 2.

Ruth Elwardt & Susie Baldwin then presented a seminar entitled “Big Picture”. They tried to incorporate the many dimensions of a lesson into their presentation that teachers have to consider. Subsequent seminars tried to take the pieces of the lesson and provide fuller development. After the General Session this seminar is a great place to begin reviewing these video sessions.

Other presentations included the following:

Classroom Management: Christ’s Behavior Champions by Susie Baldwin

Utilizing Music in the Classroom by Rachael White

Developing Engaging Lessons by Robbie Kuhlman

Developing Powerpoints by Ruth Elwardt


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