Teacher eNrichment Time (TNT) 2018

Gathering together to be equipped for ministry

Our annual Teacher eNrichment Time was held on September 8, 2o18. Many of us were gathered to gain inspiration from the Scriptures and to be equipped for more effective gospel ministry. Elder Kirk Huizenga began our time with prayer, followed by worship in song led by Jason Koemans. That all prepared our hearts to be ministered to by the Word as presented by Pastor Jim. You can here his application points to us HERE.

Following the general session we heard an interview with Karen Fye. Karen has served our children for many years and it was encouraging to hear her story. Next Alene Bell presented a proposed Child Safety Emergency Procedure. Sadly, in our day and age we need to have such discussions as a staff.

The rest of the morning was spent being equipped through the following breakout sessions:

Clarifying the Gospel and Presenting it to Children – Ron Elwardt

  • The Gospel and Children Video
  • The Gospel and Children notes
  • The Gospel and Children notesheet (ppt)

Keeping Jesus Central: Worldview and Lesson Planning – Kirk Huizenga

  • Keeping Jesus Central Video
  • Keeping Jesus Central notes

Classroom Management Strategies – Taylor Savale

Practical Preparation for Preschool – Alene Bell

  • Practical Preparation notes

Getting the Most from SMD / New Bible Skills Curriculum – Ruth Elwardt & Debbie Burkett

LOGOS Best Practices – Ron Elwardt