Home and Church (Partners in spiritual nurture)

Home and church have a common calling: the spiritual nurture of children. In an effort to build bridges between the nurturing going on in the home and the church, the following suggestions are offered:

1. Keep informed about what your child is learning each week. Access each ministry curriculum link (see below) to determine what passages, topics, and memory verses have been discussed and learned. Great Commission Publications is our Sunday morning curriculum for preschool age children; the Gospel Project is our Sunday morning curriculum for elementary grades; LOGOS is for midweek. Note: It will be helpful to look at the LOGOS calendar to find out which lesson is being taught on a given week. Then access the appropriate lesson manual to find out more detail.

2. During the week use those same passages for family devotions. Reread the story and ask questions. In some cases review questions are already provided. You may wish to schedule this review the day or two after the child has first been introduced to it. For example: Schedule your review of Sunday Morning Discipleship lessons on Monday or Tuesday. Being attentive to the resources your child’s teacher may send home each week will provide many great possibilities for learning together.

3. Discuss memory verses your child has been asked to learn. Be sure they understand what they are memorizing. Then encourage mastery of these verses by reviewing them each day.