Every Child Made New in Christ

1. Plan time in your schedule regularly to read the Word and pray with your children. And don’t neglect those non-scheduled times. Redeem them by pointing your children to their Creator and Savior.

2. Commit to regular attendance of Children’s ministries. Don’t let other activities crowd out the opportunity for your child to receive a solid foundation in their faith.

3. Use Children’s ministries not only to help your child grow in faith, but also to help them to learn to reach out to others. Encourage your child to pray for unsaved friends and to invite them to join them at church and club.

4. Pray consistently for your child’s developing faith. Feel free to use the prayer tools provided on the children’s website: http://camelbackkids.com/wp/parents/parenting-resources/

5. Take advantage of equipping opportunities for parents. Attend the Foundations class and Baptism class. Access the resources (periodic blog and other tools) on the children’s website in the parent’s section.

6. Offer to help out in Children’s Ministries. If that is not possible, be sure to confer regularly with your child’s teachers to see what they are learning about your child’s growth in Christ.

May the Lord bless each of you as you fulfill your high calling as parents.

Pastor Ron

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