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Why I want more children in our Children’s Ministry

This past Wednesday I taught a lesson to our 5th and 6th grade LOGOS boys. We looked together at Isaiah 6. In the passage we were treated to a vision of our great God. He was seated on a throne that was high and lifted up. We talked about our world having thrones for kings and presidents, but this throne was lifted up beyond them all.

We saw that the Lord wore a robe whose train filled the temple. We explained that for kings the longer the train… the greater their supposed glory. This description of our Lord’s train reminded us that His glory is beyond the most glorious of human rulers.

We observed the seraphim that attended the Lord on the throne. They are the “burning ones” who have a glory of their own, but before the Lord whose glory fills the heavens and the earth, these angelic beings had to cover themselves, for their glory does not even compare to the glory of the Lord.

We spoke together about the words of the seraphim. They said, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole earth is full of His glory”. We noted that the angels ascribed three times that the Lord is “holy”. We learned that when someone wants to emphasize something they often say something two times, but when they want to say something is “out of this world – in another league” they might say it three times. So holy, so set apart, so uncommon, so unlike sinful humans is our God! He is indeed “holy”!

We also noted that there was a rumbling, even a trembling of the temple. So awesome, so glorious is our Lord, that His presence causes the most secure things to shake.

Being confronted with such a vision of God Almighty, Isaiah could only declare, Continue reading Why I want more children in our Children’s Ministry

Welcome Parents and Teachers

In this inaugural post I wanted to introduce you to our new website ( for parents and children’s ministry volunteers.

As many of you know I am in my second round at CBC as Children’s Pastor. I served for 18 years from 1989-2007, then took a 6 year interim working with adults and the administration of the church. This past summer I was asked to return to Children’s Ministry; a calling I gladly received because of an unabated passion to see children growing up to know the Lord Jesus.

As I approach this next round of ministry I want to continue to see our body provide excellent ministry to our children on Sundays and midweek, as well as special events like retreats and VBS. These I believe can be used of God to lay important foundations of faith in each child’s life. But this time around I want to focus even more on supporting the ministry of parents in the home. After all, parents really are the primary spiritual educators in their children’s lives.

That is what this website and blog are all about. I want to provide for parents all the resources and help I can to help them fulfill the high calling God has given to them (Deuteronomy 6:1-11). In recent conversations with some of our young dads this kind of help and encouragement was expressed as something much needed. So…in this post I want to introduce you to a few of the items you will find in this website that are designed to help you as a parent as well as a volunteer in Children’s Ministry.

In the parent section of the site you will find the following sub-sections:

  1. How to get involved in Children’s Ministry (and why it is important)
  2. Home and Church partnership – information on how to maximize your children’s learning he/she receives in church ministry.
  3. A few links to websites especially helpful for parents. Look for this section to grow in the future.
  4. The parent resource sub-section provides a reading list for parents, some counsel regarding children and worship,  prayer cards and more. This section will be growing in the future as well. In fact, as you have suggestions please pass them on.
  5. Upcoming events to put on your calendar

In the volunteer section you will find the following sub-sections:

  1. Specifics on how to get plugged in as a Children’s Ministry Champion
  2. A listing of staff needs
  3. Staff schedule so we can check when we are serving or know who will be ministering to our children.
  4. Key ministry contacts – the people to call if you have specific questions about a ministry or age group
  5. Teacher resources including a recommended reading list, Child SAFE training video, curriculum and staff manuals and more.
  6. Upcoming events to put on your calendar

Why don’t you take a few minutes and peruse the site. Know that this is just the beginning and as we work together I know that we can create a tool that will be a blessing to parents and consequently to our children.

It is a joy serving your families for the cause of Jesus Christ

Pastor Ron