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The Invisible Tool – Prayer

The following post is taken from Marty Machowski, author of some excellent family devotional materials. 

The most important tool in our parenting toolbox is invisible. As a result, we too often fail to put it into use until the last moment when we’ve tried everything with no success.

I had a husband and wife come to me and share that their five-year-old child refused to remain in bed after they tucked him in. Every night they went through a long routine of repeated encouragement, admonishment, and correction that lasted for upwards of an hour while their son again and again voiced excuse after excuse for why he couldn’t go to sleep. They tried waking him very early, the reward system, looking for the idol in his heart, and even allowed him to stay up late till he wanted to go to bed, only to discover the same result tucking him at midnight. They were at their wits end. ”What else can we do?” They lamented in my office with tears. ”We have tried everything.” Continue reading The Invisible Tool – Prayer