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How to get involved

How to get involved

Take time to familiarize yourself with the different facets of Children’s Ministry. Look over the information provided on this website. Look over the Children’s Ministry flyer.

Talk to ministry leadership. (See the list of leaders below) Let them know you are exploring ministry options. Try to set up a time to visit the ministry.

Visit a class. Taking time to observe what is happening in the ministry in which you are interested will help you understand what kind of contribution you can make and will help you overcome the “fear of the unknown”.

When you are ready to pursue active involvement print out the application, background check form, and reference form and turn them in to the ministry leader or the Children’s Ministry Assistant. After these forms are received and processed you will be contacted for a personal interview.

Attend an orientation session. If a ministry match is made you will be asked to attend an orientation session to help equip you for effective ministry to the children. You will also be asked to attend a Child SAFE Training which is offered two times a year.


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 Ministry Contacts 

Ron Elwardt – relwardt@camelbackbible.com
Grades 1-2 Girls: Maria Kizzire – kizzirefamily@cox.net
Grades 1-2 Boys: Mark Phillips – headandhelp@gmail.com
Grades 3-4 Girls: Megan Holm – megan.holm@yahoo.com
Grades 3-4 Boys: Bill Bowman – bowvette5@q.com
Grades 5-6 Girls: Glenna Graeff – dgn5cs@gmail.com
Grades 5-6 Boys: John Campeau – johnecampeau@gmail.com
Sunday Morning Discipleship
0-5 year olds: Amanda Perkins – aperkins@camelbackbible.com
Nursery Director: Carmen Benford – cbenford4@cox.net
Grades 1-6: Ron Elwardt – relwardt@camelbackbible.com
Vacation Bible Church
0-5 year olds: Amanda Perkins – aperkins@camelbackbible.com
Grades 1-6: Rachael White – rachymarie@gmail.com