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Current Staffing Schedule | Camelback Bible Church Kids
Every child prayed for – Every child cared for!

Current Staffing Schedule

Children’s Ministry Staff Schedule 2018-2019

Preschool Sunday Morning Discipleship 


18 months -2’s Teacher(s):                  

9:00 AM, Room 204

Corrin Statezny: January

Alene Bell and/or Debbie Kelly  Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Need 2 volunteers

11:00 AM, Room 204

Need 1 volunteer: All year


9:00 AM, Room 202

3’s & 4’s Teacher(s):

Catherine Phillips: Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May

Need 1 volunteer: Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May

Katie and Wally Miller: Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr

Note: During the summer months, this class combines with 5K in room 201.

9:00 AM, Room 201

5, K’s Teacher(s):

Alice and Jim Blakely: Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr

Justin Gries: Jun, Sept, Nov, Jan, March

Need 1 volunteer: June, Sept, Nov, Jan, Mary

Owen and Emily Maurer: Jul, Oct, Jan, Apr

11:00 AM

5, K Teachers: 

Chuck & Andrea Patton: Sept, Feb, May

Gina McCracken: Aug, Oct, Dec, Mar, Jun

Kristy Pulkrebek: Jul, Nov, Jan, Apr




 Elementary Sunday Morning Discipleship

Grades 1-6

Team 1 (September, December, March, June)

9:00 AM Teachers:     

Grades 1-3: Matt & Sierra Bohling, Monique Walker

Grades 4-6: Jeff Watson, Johanna Watson                                                                                

11:00 AM Teachers:

Grades 1-3: Scott Ramsey, Katherine Ramsey, Rianna Ramsey

Grades 4-6: John and Connie Milligan                         

Team 2 (October, January, April, July)

9:00 AM Teachers:

Grades 1-3: Ivonne Bonetto, Karen Fye, and Lucy Blanchard

Grades 4-6: Paulette Stravitz, Tucker Quayle, QinQin Quayle

11:00 AM Teachers:

Grades 1-3: Thomas Thomas and Naomi Salins

Grades 4-6: Scott Ramsey, Katherine Ramsey, Rianna Ramsey

Team 3 (November, February, May, August)

9:00 AM Teachers:    

Grades 1-3: Karen Fye, Ivonne Bonetto, Lucy Blanchard 

Grades 4-6: Andrew Miller, Remington Miller

11:00 AM Teachers: 

Grades 1-3: Ruth Elwardt, Beth Weise

Grades 4-6: John and Connie Milligan